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Other non woven applications

    We strongly support the beleive that non woven is not only a functional, multipurpose and supple raw material but also a chameleon among  modern technical materials. Proof of our last ascertainment is the fact that we meet it almost everywhere. Indicatively we report that it is used as geo-textile, under road constructions (National roads, Attica road, Egnatia road), as insulating material in building manufactures (roofs), as sound insulating material, as filter of retention or collection of solid and fluid pollutants (oil slicks), as auxiliary cleaning material (dusters, mops, vetex), as wallpaper (of home, cars), as gauze simple or sterilized (hospitals, drugstores) e.t.c. 
    For every end use you are interested in, for any information you may need, whichever application concerns you... we will be here in order to give you a reliable professional and cost effective solution.


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