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Non woven set (blouse-trousers) from sms material

Non woven set (blouse - trousers) from 50gr. sms material, water repellent and non-transparent. It is consisting of two parts. Blouse has short sleeves, 3 pockets, opening at its finish (right and left) in order to be easy to use, with edging all over (neck – sleeves). Trousers have tying in the waist in order to achieve best adjustment on human body, with edging at the ankles.

Non woven set (blouse-trousers)Qty

Code : iat6403
Category : Non woven medical disposable
Color : Light blue
Size : L - XL
Packaging : 1 piece in a polyethylene packaging, 50 packaging in a box
Set (blouse - trousers)Set (blouse - trousers)Set (blouse - trousers)
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